C3F Telecom is a company acting in the telecommunications industry. We are continually searching for new talents to complement our team.

Whether you are looking for a student traineeship, part-time or full-time work, you may find your niche in C3F Telecom. On top of the job you’re looking for, you’ll find a stimulating work environment and a solid team that values teamwork and mutual support.

Given the on-going growth in the company, there often are new positions to fill:


The draft person will draw various types of plans using Autocad, and will interact constantly with our network designers, the field survey agents and the rights-of-way and permits experts. Tasks are assigned in relationship to the level of expertise developed...

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Field Survey Agent

The field survey agent will collect data required by the network designers in his purpose of completing a detailed network design. The field survey agent also provides information to the drafts persons and will need to master the Autocad software in order to be able to assist the draft persons when required. This position implies frequent travelling throughout the Province of Quebec, for a day or longer, depending on the project involved...

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Splicing Apprentice

The person at this position will complete fiber optic cable fusions in buildings, outside and in manholes. Teaming with an experienced splicer, this person will have to work night and weekend shifts. Also, this person may be called upon to travel throughout the Province of Québec or elsewhere, depending on the projects involved...

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