Job Offering


The draft person will draw various types of plans using Autocad, and will interact constantly with our network designers, the field survey agents and the rights-of-way and permits experts.

Tasks are assigned in relationship to the level of expertise developed.

Major drafting tasks:

  • Plans for right-of-way requests to all implicated entities
  • Construction plans
  • “As-built” plans
  • Splicing plans
  • Complete detailed forms for each pole
  • Complete all load calculations

Required experience and expertise:

  • Building construction drafting or similar training
  • Thorough understanding of the Autocad software
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite of applications
  • No experience required
  • Understanding the telecom industry (a plus)
  • Meticulousness, precision, accuracy, efficiency
  • Autonomous, responsibility
  • Diligence, punctuality, professionalism

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